March 10, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
in Burbank or Livesteam Online
217 N Lake St. Burbank
CA 91502 (or online by Zoom)

Five Steps to Opening Your Intuitive Abilities
This class is great for all levels of intuitive development. I received this training through direct channel. It is a simple yet thorough guide for your continued development.

These steps work both sequentially and non-sequentially. This means that if you consider yourself a beginner, then you can take these steps sequentially to understand how to move forward on your spiritual purpose. For those who have been on their path of developing their spiritual abilities, these steps work with you multi-dimensionally as you to continue to expand your skills and your expression of your gifts!

Class is held both in person in Los Angeles and ONLINE as a video call on Zoom.

Beginner to Intermediate levels welcome.

Spaces are limited. Attend in person in Burbank, CA or live-stream, online. There will be Q&A available to all attendees. 
Click through below to sign up and reserve your spot.