August 22, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Diamond White Flame + Diamond Crystalline Elements

This workshop will activate in the students the Holy Diamond White Flame and Diamond Crystalline Elements — called “The Potency Elements” by Archangel Gabriel.

“We offer a strong and deep reset with Diamond White Flame. This reset will compel you to reclaim your creator essence as it shall be washed in Crystalline Light.

Thus, your essence will be freed from identity to discord, broken from ties of karma, disowned of the tyrannical reign of untruth. You need not these lessons, they are not yours!

“As the dragon’s fire is pure and potent joy, we bring to you the potency of Source Flame – the word, deed, and movement of Prime Creator. You are co-owner of this flame which calls naught to being, for it is an equal partnership of Creator and creation which makes crystallization possible. By the Universal Laws of One and Polarity, you complete God.” – Archangel Gabriel and the Living Word, Joy

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