This program is designed for YOU. 

Utilizing expert methods and proven techniques, I will guide you in implementing new habits of actions and states of being - that is, new thinking and feeling habits. 

Deep healing and profound shifts in lifestyle are inevitable when we combine the spark of your intention and my expertise in working with the human consciousnesses and spirit.

Each of us is here to create the life that is felt in the deepest of soul's urging. Each and every one of us have the power to create their own unique and purpose-filled life.  

The most important aspect is the intention you hold and the action you take on that intention. I will help you to foster and focus your intention. Together, we will work to shift your consciousness and habituate effective and joyful actions. I will guide you utilizing the skills of my training and the power of Universal guidance.  

Intention plus process equals evolution.

Below is a breakdown of what a season (four months) of evolution holds. This is a framework and is flexible to your needs, desires and manifestations. Sessions are held online by Zoom video call or in person in Burbank, CA.

Sessions will utilize:  

• Intuitive reading, healing, coaching, counseling  

• Therapeutic hypnosis to reprogram mind, body, spirit to habituate goals into the now  

• Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)  

• Hypnotic Therapeutic Imagery  

• Channeled attunements and messaging  

• Spiritual, Universal law, metaphysical education  

• Mediumship and Animal Communication, as applicable  

Example issues that may be addressed:  

• Emotional, mental healing from past trauma  

• Improved self-esteem and self-image, increased confidence  

• Improved lifestyle; enhanced abundance and wisdom 

• Elimination of fears and phobias  

• Cessation of unhealthy habits, chronic issues and pain  

• Identifying and manifesting life's purpose  

• Developing intuition and a magical, joyful lifestyle  

Initial goal-setting call: included and will be preliminary to our official start. Your first official one-on-one session in the first month will mark the start.  

Text and audio message support (email and/or Whatapp): unlimited for your entire program. *  

First month: 3 consecutive sessions; fourth week off for integration.  

Second month: 2 sessions, alternating every other week  

Third month: 1 session

Fourth month: 1 session  

Additional sessions may be added as desired (and as schedule permits) during program for $120. This rate may be used for up to one year to extend the program, whether consecutively or intermittently. (See program investment below).

Also included: access to any one-off live classes that I hold during our time, to include Mystic Arts Academy (occurs approximately twice monthly) and any other classes in my memebrship platform (channeled classes, etc.). This excludes any programs held in conjunction with the other educational platforms or other specialty multi-part programs, such as the comprehensive animal communication program.  

Materials: I will offer meditation mp3s, PDFs and other works that may enhance your evolution. All sessions will be recorded and delivered.

*Text/audio support is available at all times during your program. Response time is usually within 4 hours during standard business hours and within 12 most other times. Some exceptions may apply, including faster response if an urgent issue presents.

I take a limited roster of coaching clients. Click below to reserve your spot or to book a chat to ask questions about the program. 


Additional sessions may be added as desired (and as schedule permits) during program for $120. This rate may be used for up to one year to extend the program, whether consecutively or intermittently.

Pay up front or over four months at $388 per installment.

Reserve your spot with a $200 deposit. If the client roster is full, you will be in line. You can make a deposit and book a chat to ask any questions you may have.


Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, multi-media content creator and therapeutic master hypnotist. 

Drawing upon abilities as medium, intuitive channel, animal/nature telepath and energy healer, Tricia works internationally with people and animals providing coaching, hypnotherapy, workshops and one-on-one readings/healings. Tricia is the host of Charmed Life; a multimedia podcast that welcomes expert guests to discuss spiritual topics. Additionally, Tricia holds bachelor’s degree in spiritual healing, is a published writer and ordained metaphysical minister. 

Tricia is known for her grounded, straight-forward, empathic and often humorous approach to spiritual counseling. To read student testimonials, click through here.