I am Angel Aliel in the line of Archangel Ariel. My ranking is high; this is stated for you to understand that these messages are for a greater good.

Humans, purify your hearts. In truth they are perfect, whole and flawless conductors of Divine Love. Believe in this and you will experience radical change in your reality. As you know your heart to be pure and a flawless channel for Universal wisdom, truth and power, you may then turn to your heart for all of your decisions. Indeed, your scientists have discovered that your heart functions as a brain, thinking and communicating to your conscious understanding.Release your attachments to the “stories” of your pain and suffering. Be no longer addicted to victimhood. Indulging in the role of victimhood is not serving you; this is a fact that none of you can deny. If you feel overwhelmed and as though you know no other way than to experience victimhood, please know that it is not a daunting task to shift from this state to awareness of Truth. In an instant you can sense the simple Truth of Love, with just one conscious breath, your glorious breath of Life. Allow that spark of understanding to remain, welcome it as a house guest who you desire to become a permanent member of your dwelling. Pay Gratitude for Its presence and it will grow in your experience, transforming your understanding, renewing your heart, strengthening your trust in Oneness.

With Blessings and Agape, I wish you the awareness of wellness.
Message from Angel Aliel channeled by Tricia Carr on October 7, 2016

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