The following message was channeled from a Light Being called Julius.

All humans are called to be prophets and teachers. Each thing that you do, you bring a message like a prophet. It is as simple as this: all that you do, think or feel in each moment is a message of either fear or Love. The message is as much for yourself as it is for everyone because there is no separation; there is only the All, the One. You are a point of awareness and expression of the All just as your finger is an expression of your whole body.

In all that you do, think or feel in each moment, you teach either fear or Love. You teach your lesson to yourself and every other point of consciousness: human, animal, plant, element, subatomic particle – each is a collection of consciousness that receives the lessons taught. Each expression of the All – each “other” – is a part of the collective or another finger on The hand.

In Truth, choices made in partnership with Love effect global and universal alignment, because the Universe is made of Love, the highest frequency. We would encourage you to take comfort that each commitment to Love is eternal while any partnership with fear is temporal. Humans suffer most because they possess the duality of the deep inner knowing of eternity and the externally-imposed illusion of mortality and of limited time and space. This is your journey: again and again arriving back to your forever within. Rest in the truth that raising consciousness a relatively small amount frees you from much of the suffering. Like the mustard seed of Faith spoken of by Jesus; Love is this much more powerful than any contrast to Love. Choose Love in this moment and you identify with your eternal nature and your memory of why you have (in the past) temporarily chosen Love’s opposite will come into focus. With this broader awareness, you will remember that you are here for the journey; for the sweet experience of CHOOSING LOVE! How exquisite it is; the pivotal moment that your lover went from not knowing you to knowing you!

In High Truth, every choice made is equally valuable. Every message brought or lesson taught is, as humans would say, “important.” In the space of awareness you have, in your present, your calling as prophet and teacher is active. We wish you blessings as you go forth to choose Love and to be Love.

Channeled by Tricia Carr on November 22, 2016

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