Introduction  to  Telepathy


If you would like to learn practical skills to engage in non-physical, mind communication, then Introduction to Telepathy is for you.

This class covers how to practice this sacred, high vibrational method of connecting with other incarnate consciousnesses, from humans to animals to trees!

Telepathy is our first language. As 3D humans grow into societal conditioning, we are taught to emphasize verbal/physical language and effectively place into the shadow this natural form of connecting with others.

In this course, I teach techniques to help you remember your first language. I cover the ethics and common sense about using telepathy as well as the difference between connecting with a human versus another species or incarnate consciousness.


During this course, you’ll learn…


  • The basic types of telepathy and how to use them with a partner or on your own. 
  • How to use meditation techniques to raise your vibration, feel your energy body and enhance your telepathic abilities. 
  • How to recognize when you are projecting versus hearing authentic communication from another.
  • An overview of the energetic principle of DENSITY and how it pertains to understanding the perspective of other incarnated consciousnesses.
  • The fundamentals of communicating telepathically with humans, animals and elements of nature. 

This is an online course. You will receive in-depth modules composed of videos, worksheets, audios and other self-administered lessons. This course includes a membership to a quarterly email discussion composed of your questions. As you and other students submit questions, I will answer by emailing you an updated PDF every three months!