To my Highly Sensitive friends: are you awake? If you are sleeping, congratulations. I suspect you are exhausted from the brutality of the emotional climate we’ve experienced the last 36 hours.
I’m awake. Insomnia is not my thing. Even when something external interrupts my sleep, I am typically still sleepy. But this is not external.

Empaths feel the emotions of others as though they are their own, with or without intention. As this kind of Sensitive, it is my responsibility to practice spiritual hygiene; to release the emotional energy I pick up, to stay centered and to maintain boundaries that keep in my own reserve of life force energy. I tell Empaths whom I coach, “just because you can feel it, that doesn’t mean you should.” Sensitivity is granted to us by nature (or the universe) to be used as a strength. It is not meant to be a diagnosis of chronic victimhood.

But this emotional climate – this cataclysmic deluge – it challenges my responsible Sensitive/Empath fitness. (In the end, that’s a good thing.) My body is full of the anxiety of the collective consciousness. I meditate, pray, ask for help from Angels and I’m sure that is helping… but I’m awake.

At 3:30, I wished it was 6:30 because that is a suitable waking hour. Even Barnabas, my Highly Sensitive kitty, is sleeping.

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