Barnabas is a five year-old, slim, black, Tonkinese-mixed breed, ninja-priest of a kitty. He is named after a romantic vampire, is gracefully athletic and is one of the kindest souls you will ever know. Soon after adopting him from a shelter, it was evident that Barnabas is, as we say in our home, “a really good person.” Barnabas is also the member of my family, beside myself, who demonstrates the most psychic abilities.

In total, I have five cats in my family. Two of these family members are feral cats who live on my patio, a.k.a. Tom and Helen’s living room. The other three live indoors (only) with my husband, two parakeets and myself. You may be familiar with one of my cats, because he is Internet famous as the hugger in Best Kitty Hug Ever. Franzie’s viral ​YouTube channel has a current tally of over 11 million views. Then there is my Delilah, a sweet and spicy little lady kitty who showed up in our backyard three years ago proclaiming us as her family. But this piece is about Barnabas and how he displays a powerful gift of clairvoyance.

As an animal communicator, I am always explaining to people about how animals are closer to divinity. They know that they are eternal – meaning that they know they reincarnate – and draw upon the knowledge of past lives as easily as all humans draw upon (current) life experiences. We know, scientifically speaking, that cats’ and other animals’ eyes are capable of perceiving light frequencies that the human eye cannot. So from a joint perspective of that which is metaphysical and physical, we can assume that animals are picking up on stuff that most humans aren’t!

Since I re-awoke to my spiritual gifts, my clairvoyance has been fluidly functioning. For most clairvoyants, most of the time, the clear-seeing is through the mind’s eye, or Third Eye. This is true for me, but I do also detect etheric content with my physical eyes. Physically seeing Spirit occurs less frequently yet consistently. Post awakening, my physical seeing of the spirit realm “turned on” concurrently with the mind’s eye seeing, so the physical perception seems not entirely related my physical eyesight.

The magic that frequently occurs in my house is that both Barnabas and myself see non-physical sights with our physical eyes, while my husband does not. The magic has nothing to do with my husband not seeing it, but I mention it because it seems to affirm the non-physical quality of the visions. Of course, it dazzles my husband to see his wife and cat simultaneously and sharply whip their heads to look at the same spot in the room where he can see nothing! Interestingly, I have only noticed Barnabas seeing the subtle realm. Perhaps some day I will ask my other cats if that is because they cannot see these sights or if, in stereotypical aloof feline fashion, they are simply not impressed enough to pay attention!

A few nights ago, Barnabas and I both saw the small flickering of an orb dancing in the room around us as we sat on the couch together. It lingered for so long that I thought my husband must be able to see it too. I have always wondered if, when I physically see the spirit realm, perhaps he misses it simply because of timing or location. I pointed to the direction of the small orb, “See? It’s right there!” He responded, “I can see where you and Barnabas are looking but I don’t see anything there!”

I telepathically inquired of the orb as to who s/he was and the reason for the visit. The answer that I received back came to me through clairsentience, meaning I felt the response. The feeling-answer was that this Being was a nature spirit of higher vibration, such as a fifth dimensional Deva. I received an equal measure of feminine and masculine energy, so “s/he,” if not “it,” seems like the appropriate pronoun. The reason that the entity provided me for the visit was as simple feeling of, “Joy.”

Barnabas and I watched Joy for about a minute as my husband watched us watching. I saw Joy changed aspects from orb to glimmer to flash to a point of light. Joy moved around the room, danced within a few inches of my face, then appeared a few feet away, then departed down the hall and eventually flashed away, back to unseen. When Joy was finally out of sight, Barnabas lay back down to resume his nightly couch cuddling.

You may be wondering if it is always prancing joyful fairies that Barnabas and I see. Well, truthfully there have been a few occasions that we have seen entities of lower vibration, you might say, not quite so Light. It does not frighten or worry me when this occurs. I understand that it is my point of attraction at that moment, probably because I am moving through something a bit dense in my subconscious or that temporarily I have an attitude that is more contracted, centered in fear or discontent. In that case, I can respond to the occurrence (not the entity) with gratitude by treating it as a messenger alerting me to activate a more uplifted attitude; to turn my awareness to Divine via my inner being. Or the visitor could be a more neutral vibrational expression; one of a human who has passed on but not crossed over to the Light and is seeking help or company. But the main reason I am not afraid is because I understand that I am more powerful as a physical person than anything non-physical. True threats come with bodies! The third dimension is the dominion of 3D beings and as such, I simply stand in this knowing and excuse the uninvited visitor.

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