I am Angel Aliel coming as a warrior to defend your own power, the personal power each human holds. You are capable of self-soothing. Humans get hung up on clinging to their doubts. It is a conditioning of your culture, a kind of hypnosis, that tells you that you are safer when you hold onto doubts. Like one who withholds love after a heartbreak, it is the logic of a child who believes he can be happy and joyful by partnering with doubt.

Feel that feeling that the word doubt invokes in your body, mind and spirit? That feeling is the truth about what doubt has to offer and your Being knows Truth beyond any conditioning to the contrary. Now compare that feeling to what is invoked in your Being by the word Joy, the word Acceptance, the word Belief. There is true safety when you partner with Belief that is born of pure Love. 

How this relates to self-soothing is that many humans deny themselves comfort because of the hypnosis of doubt. Rather than knowing yourself as a loving care-taker, you unconsciously place yourself as your own apathetic dictator. Release the practice of doubt and become integrated with yourself. The Source of All is in you

All is Love. 
All is One. 

Message from Angel Aliel channeled by Tricia Carr on October 3, 2016

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