I had an astral projection experience this morning on the back end of my night’s sleep. I was brought into a holographic story in which I believed that I was in the death process, that I had left my body but had not crossed over. I was waiting for the Light to present. I wasn’t afraid or sad about dying. I did feel frustration about how people could, at best, only sort of sense me. Also, I was bored. I was aware of unfinished relationship business and felt compassion for my loved ones who had to deal with that without me. However, I knew that the most important thing I could do was to cross over to the Light, that if I wanted to have a chance of helping them with the unfinished business, I had to cross and heal first.

An interesting part of this holograph was that it did not include my husband or my animals. I had no memory of them! I realize that the holograph was designed for me to learn specific lessons from which empathizing with or worrying about them would have distracted me.

Although this occurred from my sleep state, it was nothing like a dream. It was real. There wasn’t even any symbolism. It was straight forward, an experience created for me to literally be IN.

I came out of it with contact authenticity, with a knowing of what it feels like when one initially passes. But, because of my spiritual and metaphysical understanding, it was the best possible circumstance.

I have deeper compassion for those who don’t understand that there is only Love and Home waiting for us when we leave the body, and therefore, opt to avoid crossing over. The experience was epiphanic. I feel more urgency to help the living understand eternity. Truly, we do not die. There is no judgement. Eternal Home is available to everyone!

Also, I decided that I’m willing to remove more of my filter to sensing non-physical so that I could help those who are in the in-between; those who did not un-learned the un-truths in their recent incarnation, who do not know that crossing over is going Home. I declared this willingness as well as deep gratitude to myself, to my Guides, to God.

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