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Living Words
Powerful Messages from Words Who Are Alive



I welcome you to my bosom. I am Faith.

My manner is gentle and I am a fortress. I am protection and comfort at once. I soothe.

Many have an inaccurate impression of Faith, that I am pursued with force. Many even fear Faith, having associated it with falsehood, of condemnation for not having earned and proven Faith by the standards of those who are blind and frightened.

​In Truth, I am the allowance of Life force and Creativity. I am the action of the breath of life flowing into the lungs of creatures. I am the expectation of the sun shining upon your planet and the anticipation of being loved.

It is not possible to be completely separated from Faith. You know Faith, it could not be any other way. You may welcome me into any part of your experience with your intention and desire. Offer your open heart and you will know that I abide.

I, Faith, am ever-present. 

Message from Truth, a Living Word, channeled by Tricia Carr on October 12, 2016

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