It’s a New Year! I can think of no better time than now to direct attention to changing for the better!

In order to change your life, that is, to change what you are manifesting, you must change your beliefs. We are powerful creators and the Universe delivers to us exactly what we order. The Universal Spiritual laws, such as the Law of Attraction, answer our requests exactly according to the frequency we emit.

Your personal frequency is made up of your emotions and thoughts and these are triggered by both conscious and subconscious beliefs.

Another way to look at it is we have obvious, external desires and we have subtle, internal desires. For example, you may have an external desire of “I want a high paying job,” but underneath that is an internal feeling focused on lack: “I’m afraid of not having enough.” The Universe delivers to you whichever desire is more emotionally charged. The emotional focal point of the internal desire is fear and lack, and so, this would be the frequency signal you emit. Sometimes, we have equally strong, yet contradicting, feelings. This results in getting part of what we desire or, we could get what we want for a while and then it goes away.

If you are not seeing your desired results in your life, your subconscious (that is, unknown) beliefs are contradicting the beliefs you want to enhance. It is that simple.

Changing your beliefs is something we can work on in a session together. I have created a protocol which utilizes metaphysical and intuitive techniques that I have studied and in which I have been trained.

Changing your beliefs is a process. First, you must become consciously aware of all of your beliefs about a particular subject. Next, since you cannot remove an unwanted belief and leave a void, you must enhance awareness on desirable beliefs so that they may grow and displace that which is unwanted. To grow those beliefs until they make up your chief frequency, we employ a simple, short, daily practice, continuing to place your awareness upon the growing desirable beliefs… but that part is really fun!

I will work with you to create an inventory of your current beliefs by intuitively feeling into your auric field and your conscious and subconscious mind. Additionally, I will teach you how to analyze your current holograph, that is, your physical reality, as a way to work backward toward discovering subconscious beliefs and/or blocks. We will detail the beliefs that you want to release and then turn them into affirmations that highlight the positive beliefs that you want to enhance.

You come away with a 5-10 minute practice that will help to reprogram your subconscious mind. Additionally, you will have the lifelong tools to work this technique for yourself!

In my Change Your Beliefs service, we will have a one-hour session working through the process I detailed above. Before our session, I will work in your energy field to receive preliminary, intuitive guidance. I do this by hooking into and reading your field utilizing a few details you send me in advance (name, birthday, photo, area of interest.) During our session, we further analyze your holograph – that is, your reality – and develop your daily affirmation practice.

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