I am Angel Aliel, in the order of Archangel Ariel. I bring Peace to be a salve on your soul and relief for your head and heart.

Many are distracted by the pull of what is called your social and political events. The rhetoric feels unceasing; it is as if you all are inhaling the fumes of exhaust. It is weakening and sickening you. Your bodies are becoming intoxicated by the unhealthy words your mind and heart are ingesting.

Know that the planet is, in higher truth, quite well! Release the words and the attendant fear connected to them. The words you are hearing, the fear you are receiving, these are non-physical and so can be released in an instant. Your bodies and the rest of your material effects will follow and heal in line with your inner healing.

Those who are raining down fear and dis-ease, these are not your leaders unless you choose for them to be your leaders. Many ask, “if not these, then who will be my leader?” because they believe the illusion that individuals must be led by an outside agent. Greater than any potential leader is the smallest spark of Love in a single heart. Dial your focus upon your Divine spark and the Divine spark in others and all else shall fade away. Know that Truth is simple and illusion is complicated. Complication is a tactic utilized by illusion to frighten and exhaust its audience. It is a weak effort that cannot stand in the presence of the smallest measure of Love. Indeed, Love does not scale down. Love Is.

Purify your your minds and hearts. Ask your Angels to assist you and listen for the guidance in the simplicity of Peace.

As you know that you are well, it will be so.

Be Peace.

Message from Angel Aliel channeled by Tricia Carr on October 2, 2016

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