One of my favorite things to do is give animal totem and animal spirit guide readings. This kind of reading utilizes many of my abilities: animal and nature telepathy, intuitive sensing and mediumship.

I love that these readings allow me to draw from my experiential knowledge of animals and nature. When I receive a request for a reading about an animal with whom I’m less familiar, I see it as an opportunity for research and growth. I take that knowledge or research and intuitively read into both the information and the human subject. As I sit in this space, I receive spiritual guidance about what message the animal is giving. The information comes from the person guides, their Higher Self, angels, the spirit animal, and any other expression of divine love.

There are a couple of situations that can provoke someone to ask for an animal spirit guide reading.

Animals making Appearances
You may notice that you are frequently seeing a particular animal, such as seeing three dragonflies in one day. Or, an animal could appear in an unusual manner or circumstance. For example, a dragonfly is a fresh water dwelling animal. Perhaps you see one appear before you in an arid climate, far from a water source. Another example of an unusual appearance is, for instance, a dragonfly lingering in front of your windshield as you sit in bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic. Finally, you may ask for a sign, and the universe obliges with the appearance of a magical dragonfly, in any of the above manners or in a mundane way.

Animals in Traditional Readings
By a traditional reading, I mean that a person may ask for an animal reading without any particular sighting beforehand. They may want to know who their spirit animal is or if they already know, they may ask if the animal has a message for them. Or, while in a reading about a different life topic, an animal guide could present to bring a message and introduce his/herself. Finally, during a mediumship reading, a passed love one may tell us that they will send signs of their presence by way of butterflies or some other unique animal appearance.

Animals as Spiritual Guardians
Overall, it is good to understand that animals and nature serve as spiritual guardians to humans. This is because animals and nature are closer to the energetic signature of Divine energy as compared to humans. All of nature, or Gaia, has a greater attunement to unconditional love. In fact, Gaia’s energetic signature is very similar to that of Source Energy, or God, if you prefer.

Being better attuned to unconditional love means that animals and elements of nature exist at a higher frequency. Higher frequency is another way to say closer to love because love is the highest energetic frequency of our Universe. Many sacred texts say that “God is Love,” thus, love is equated with the Source of all creation. Can you see how God energy and Gaia energy are intimately related?

Existing on this higher frequency makes animals and elements of nature open vessels for Source Energy. So if you ask for a sign from the Universe, animals and nature are highly willing and able to embody the answer. They are willing participants in the Universe’s effort to bring us into greater alignment to Source Energy. Animals and nature elements bring messages of love by the power of unconditional love!

This is not to say that we, humans, are lowly or fundamentally unloving. We are also made of God energy and, we are made of the Earth. But humans do have a unique journey on the planet. The human journey includes a greater experience of amnesia. We forget that we are Divine. Why? Because when we remember that we are Divine, we experience a more profound feeling of redemption from our amnesia. How delicious is the air-conditioned room when you have just come from the summer heat? That contrast between the two states of being is dynamic!

Power Animals and the Animal Totem
In addition to bringing a particular sign or message, there are a few ways that nature and animals function as spiritual guides. The word “totem” is often used to mean a mark of one’s clan or ancestry in the form of a nature element or animal. A totem can also be a general symbol in the shape of nature. We associate the word totem with Native American culture, but the concept has a historical reference back to ancient Greeks. The Native American belief system holds that everyone has nine spirit animals or power animals. We draw upon the qualities of our spirit animals, and they lend us guidance according to their strengths. These spirit animals may change throughout your life according to circumstances and personal development, with one exception. The animal is the one animal that remains constant throughout a lifetime. Another way to say it is the animal totem is your master animal [spirit] guide.

In my experience, the master animal guide may be experienced as a general symbol or as an individual who represents the animal category. This overarching representative is often called a Deva (not to be confused with the word “diva”) Deva is a Sanskrit word that means, “heavenly, divine, anything of excellence.”[1] In the Vedic period, Devas were a particular divine class of beings. Deva is also used to refer to the figure or figures who oversee a particular kingdom. So you may have a personal animal Deva, and s/he may differ from the Deva for the requisite kingdom. When you read “deva” think of a leader or representative.

Animal totems and animal guides can be animals who are not (or no longer) physically expressed on the third dimension. The so-called, “mystical” animals to which I’m referring include fourth dimensional, elemental animals such as unicorns, dragons, merpeople and much more. My Master Animal Guide is a unicorn called Yelena. While Yelena’s name seems feminine, I feel the masculine energy from him.

Our Passed Animals
In addition to our animal totem and spirit animals, we have animal spirit guides who may be our pets who have passed on. These are more like the human loved ones who have passed and act as guides to us. If you’re familiar with the concept of soul groups which is the idea that many souls make pre-birth plans together, some times for many lives over; then know that animals are a part of our soul groups too.

And just like the human form of spirit guides who are not passed loved ones, we can develop relationships with our totems and animal guides. They will represent the deeply symbolic nature of their kind as well as have a personality and intention for working with you.

I will be posting blogs detailing some of these readings. Many are from people who have been experiencing standout appearances from animals, insects, etc. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to look for messages from our animal friends!


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