Spiritual  Teacher



Gentle guidance from the source of pure love —  this is what it feels like when you know you can trust your intuition. Inner guidance is available to everyone and is the key to living a life full of ease, beauty, and miracles. As an Intuitive, I tap into this guidance system to help others hear that guidance for themselves.

Energy Healer

“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” ​
~ Albert Einstein

We are energy. ​As a healer, I help people to understand and clear their energy field and to heal the subtle emotional & mental bodies. This frees them to live a life centered in love and light.


As a Medium, I connect with the spirit realm and receive messages from Angels, Spirit Guides and crossed over loved ones.

Nature & Animal Communicator

Telepathy is communication between two consciousnesses. As an animal and nature communicator, I connect to animals and elements of nature to gain their perspective. I can connect with your beloved animals whether they are here in the physical body ​or have passed on.

What is Animal Communication? (Book Excerpt)

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book: Animals Are Whos Too: What Animals Teach Me about Life, Love and the Universe By Patricia Aaron Carr Click here to read the preceding excerpt called, He'll Let You Know.     What is Animal and Nature...
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Channeled Message from Patience, A Living Word

I am Patience. I am alive. I am infinite. I surround and fill your being. I cradle you like a babe and grant you the ability to experience completion. The perspective of separation dissolves when you welcome Patience. You experience Patience as the Stillness of God,...
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Channeled Message from Peace, A Living Word

I come to you in the wind and through your heart. I am Peace. I am the quiet of Joy and Bliss. Without my calm, you do not experience true happiness. I am the silence under the song of nature. I am the comfort of Being. I am the home for pure delight. I am powerful. I...
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